Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring has sprung: youth sports are in the air!

Baseball participation awards: female bobblehead resin
There are many great things about this time of the year.  The plants are starting to bloom and signs of spring can be seen everywhere.

The athletic fields are starting to get used again, and signs of new life are everywhere. 

I just want to take the time to remind everyone that we need to practice good sportsmanship and remind all parents that these games are played for the kids enjoyment.

It is hardwork to play a long season for everyone involved, and it is even harder to have your kids playing while you are volunteering and coordinating the bigger picture. 

As parents we need to realize all the hardwork and dedication the kids put into playing youth sports, and also the parents and volunteers work that goes into getting the kids to practice and the games, and volunteering to help out in  youth sports organizations where it is very desperately needed. 

Thank you and your participation and involvement does not go unrecognized.  The smiles on the kids face s when they get that participation trophy or win the big game against the undefeated foe, or make the playoffs when no one thought they could is proof enough.  Keep up the good work.

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baseball youth great catch

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

High School Awards Highlights

The Perfect High School Award
scholar athlete mvp high school plaques and awardsThis plaque is right for the following reasons:
  1. Digital Imprinting: This thing is done with the newest technologies to keep your school spirit up to date.
  2. Full Color Logo: Gone are the days of the same old engraved award. These plaques utilize technology to bring your award to life.
  1. MVP Awards
  2. Scholar Athlete Awards
  3. Coaches Awards

We here at Bux-Mont Awards have put an awful lot of thought into recognition, and one of the things that diffentiate us from them is our willingness to learn, to adopt new technologies and to not be afraid to fail.

We do this for you, our customer, so that you may have the absolute best when it comes to recognition products. Below we will highlight what we have found to be the perfect high school scholar athlete award.

Check the full photo set here.

central bucks plaque scholar athlete coaches awards plaques

Monday, April 7, 2008

Five Soccer Clubs I would Enroll My Children In

There are many more than five, but these seem to be getting it right. Evaluation is based on sponsorship efforts, child enrollment, and the effectiveness of their recognition program. So here they are in no particular order.

  1. Deep Run Soccer: Deep Run Soccer has a tradition of being an excellent club to play for. Their intramural and travel teams have consistently been among the best in the area. Deep run has provided the Pennridge High School teams with many qualified soccer players. They also implemented the TOPS program that enable special needs kids to play organized soccer.
  2. Harleysville Soccer: We recently celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the opening of our new Harleysville store and since we have been here we have heard nothing but good things about the Harleysville Soccer Club. Their Previous President wrote a great article about the benefits of volunteering that I posted to this blog and he continues to be instrumental in providing the quality leadership needed to make a quality organization. Its amazing how they, like Deep Run, can consistently inspire so many individuals to volunteer their time and efforts to enable the club to run. My hats off to Harleysville Soccer and their youth sports endeavors. I had a chance to talk with Jack Stacey about the club when he was in ordering the awards for their upcoming Golf Outing Fundraiser.
  3. Quakertown Soccer Club: The Quakertown Soccer Club continues to be one of the most well maintained clubs in the area. The Quakertown Soccer Club runs a great indoor program and it's officers go to great lengths to ensure that the participants achievements are properly recognized. Using custom medals as participation awards, this club effectively recognizes achievements in ways that increase participation in the program and decrease turnover from the lower levels to the top. The QSC is good at what they do: growing soccer fans and players for generations to come.
  4. Souderton Area Intramural Soccer League (SISL): Sisl has been a great customer of our for a number of years. Their club also uses a custom participation medal for their tournaments. These guys take care in selecting the trophies they use and we work with them to find an effective awards within their budget. They see direct benefits from utilizing proper recognition through youth participation. I can't tell you how many times I have been somewhere and got into a discussion about how so and so's kids just love playing SISL.
  5. Pennridge Yellowjackets Soccer Club: Pennridge has had a great program implemented for a number of years now. They have a great tournament they put on every April and have an intramural session that runs for 8 weeks in June and July. Their league officers truly care about the kids well-being and they consistently went above and beyond what most clubs could afford to ensure that the kids efforts didn't go unrecognized.
Now I know I didn't get everyone and want to hear your thoughts on who should make the list and why. I know we can expand this list to include the Warminster Soccer Club and the Valley Soccer Club among others.

What are your thoughts on your childrens clubs? Why do you like them and why don't you? Do you volunteer? If you don't, why not? Lets hear your comments.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

The many great foods in the North Penn Area

I can not begin to tell you how many amazing tastes that were taken in from the many vendors at the show. The Washington House and Sellersville Theater booth offered a great crab bisque to taste while checking out the upcoming lineup at the Theater.

Pumpernicks and Houlihans both had samplings of their menu that showed why they are popular spots to visit when eating out.

The Texas Roadhouse has it's chili and pulled pork to sample, and the ice cream at Maggie Moos was simply magnificient.

The William Penn Inn highlighted the event for me with a sampling of their desert menu. They had these little deserts shaped like espresso cups with little espresso beans on the top that were absolutely worth the wait in line to get them.

North Penn Business Expo Highlights continued

More on the exhibitors as we continue the roundup of the North Penn Business Expo.  

The only golf course displaying there, the Talamore Country Club of Ambler, had some very pleasant people working the booth.  Mr. Jack Lutz clearly explained the many options Talamore has from full membership in the club to student memberships.  Mr. Lutz had a lot of information to share and the display had some quite illustrious pictures of the majestic views offered at the different holes.  

Representing Alderfer Auctions, a woman from their Human Resources department informed me of the many things that Alderfer does in addition to their auctions.  Something new Alderfer is starting is an "Antiques Roadshow" of sorts for people to bring in their antiques and have them appraised.  It runs Wednesday nights and starts April 9.  

The next post will highlight the many great food samplings available.  

Dan Bencsik, sales team leader at Bux-Mont Awards, is writing his opinions of the North Penn Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

North Penn Business Expo Roundup

     I stated in yesterdays post that I would be closing early to travel down the pike to visit the North Penn Chamber of Commerce Business Fair 2008.  The business expo featured  a taste of North Penn and was held at the Gwynedd-Mercy College in Gwynedd Valley.  

It was quite the event, well produced and seemed to be very well attended.  I got to the show at 2:30 and arrived to a packed parking lot and a lot of busy exhibitors.  In the following paragraphs and upcoming few posts I will outline some of my personal highlights of the show:

After one trip up the aisle I saw some familiar faces and some new ones as well.  William Quigley, owner of the Washington House and Sellersville Theater, and active participant in many area Chambers was displaying for both the restaurant and theater and really talked up the new renovations currently being undertaken to the theater.  The marquee was retired and the lobby is being expanded along with a new deck.  The design is crisp and maintains the look and feel of the 1800's horse stable.  

Another booth I took great interest in was the North Penn Art booth.  They had on display a variety of framing techniques and options showing off both pictures and jersey frames they can do.  The woman I spoke to was very helpful and seemed quite interested in her job.  

More to come tomorrow, but the overall reports are very good.  As I get to know the people in the Upper Montgomery County area more I am starting to see more and more I like.  I am going to join another chamber this year and I think I have it narrowed down to two choices!

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Soccer Open House

Tommorrow, Friday April the Fourth we will be holding an open house from 5:00 - 7:00 for people who are interested in seeing this years new soccer awards! Check out the flyer below and visit Bux-Mont Awards tomorrow for great fun and prizes.

Thursday 4/3 Harleysville Updates

This Thursday, Bux-Mont Awards Harleysville store will be closing at 1:30 in order to attend the North Penn Chamber of Commerce Business Fair 2008.

If you need immediate assistance please contact me, Dan Bencsik at 215.701.4652. When calling this number you will be asked to leave your name and then be put on hold while the service contacts both the Harleysville and Sellersville stores as well as my cell phone. You are sure to get a human voice when you call that number and thats how we like it!

I suggest anyone who can to come to the North Penn Business Fair. It looks like a good one!

Thanks for your understanding and I look forward to giving you updates!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This Saturday

Bux-Mont Awards will be attending an Open House after work this Saturday April 5 in order to keep our employees up to date on the latest and greatest recognition products in the industry.

Our trade organization bailed on their east coast show, so unfortunately, in a cost saving measure, we were unable to attend their national show in Las Vegas. Fortunately for us our suppliers care enough to gather us together to keep us educated.

We like education. We like to assure our customers that we have the know how it takes to ensure their needs our met. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, and we look forward to showing you we have what it takes to meet your trophies and awards needs!

Dan Bencsik is sales manager at Bux-Mont Awards a recognition company serving its customers since 1991.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New banana brain award

Bux-Mont Awards, a recognition solutions company, has instituted a new banana brain award for the employee who exemplifies the least amount of brain matter within the organization.

Designed to encourage poor performance, the bananna brain awards sure to make people strive to achieve new lows. Don't let your employees poor attitudes go unrecognized, make them the next recipient for the bird brain award!

oh and april fools! ;)

Dan Bencsik heads sales and marketing at Bux-Mont Awards, the recognition right company