Monday, April 7, 2008

Five Soccer Clubs I would Enroll My Children In

There are many more than five, but these seem to be getting it right. Evaluation is based on sponsorship efforts, child enrollment, and the effectiveness of their recognition program. So here they are in no particular order.

  1. Deep Run Soccer: Deep Run Soccer has a tradition of being an excellent club to play for. Their intramural and travel teams have consistently been among the best in the area. Deep run has provided the Pennridge High School teams with many qualified soccer players. They also implemented the TOPS program that enable special needs kids to play organized soccer.
  2. Harleysville Soccer: We recently celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the opening of our new Harleysville store and since we have been here we have heard nothing but good things about the Harleysville Soccer Club. Their Previous President wrote a great article about the benefits of volunteering that I posted to this blog and he continues to be instrumental in providing the quality leadership needed to make a quality organization. Its amazing how they, like Deep Run, can consistently inspire so many individuals to volunteer their time and efforts to enable the club to run. My hats off to Harleysville Soccer and their youth sports endeavors. I had a chance to talk with Jack Stacey about the club when he was in ordering the awards for their upcoming Golf Outing Fundraiser.
  3. Quakertown Soccer Club: The Quakertown Soccer Club continues to be one of the most well maintained clubs in the area. The Quakertown Soccer Club runs a great indoor program and it's officers go to great lengths to ensure that the participants achievements are properly recognized. Using custom medals as participation awards, this club effectively recognizes achievements in ways that increase participation in the program and decrease turnover from the lower levels to the top. The QSC is good at what they do: growing soccer fans and players for generations to come.
  4. Souderton Area Intramural Soccer League (SISL): Sisl has been a great customer of our for a number of years. Their club also uses a custom participation medal for their tournaments. These guys take care in selecting the trophies they use and we work with them to find an effective awards within their budget. They see direct benefits from utilizing proper recognition through youth participation. I can't tell you how many times I have been somewhere and got into a discussion about how so and so's kids just love playing SISL.
  5. Pennridge Yellowjackets Soccer Club: Pennridge has had a great program implemented for a number of years now. They have a great tournament they put on every April and have an intramural session that runs for 8 weeks in June and July. Their league officers truly care about the kids well-being and they consistently went above and beyond what most clubs could afford to ensure that the kids efforts didn't go unrecognized.
Now I know I didn't get everyone and want to hear your thoughts on who should make the list and why. I know we can expand this list to include the Warminster Soccer Club and the Valley Soccer Club among others.

What are your thoughts on your childrens clubs? Why do you like them and why don't you? Do you volunteer? If you don't, why not? Lets hear your comments.

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