Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Benefits of recognition

There are two kinds of recognition. The effective kind and the ineffective kind.

The ineffective kind often finds its way to the trashcan or the back of a shelf fairly quickly. These types of recognition products are often referred to as dust collectors and in the most severe cases trash.

Effective recognition
inspires and invigorates the receiver to continue to strive to achieve. These types of recognition awards and trophies are often times cherished for a lifetime and the stories of the victory or success is often times repeated again and again. Jimmy Rollins MVP trophy fits this category. I think that Aaron Rowand will be talking about his gold glove for some time.

We shouldn't forget that for kids, effective recognition goes great distances towards building brighter futures and is imperative for some youth to keep them striving to try their hardest and keep wanting to come back year in and year out. This is omething that dust collectors can't do and a great reason to make sure your awards and recognition retailers are specialists in their fields.

What are your thoughts on effective recognition vs. dust collectors? Please comment...

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