Friday, December 19, 2008

The season for Greetings

I can not believe how fast time goes. It's here one second, gone the next, just like that. This being the season to give thanks, I wanted to take a post or two to outline some of the things going on with Bux-Mont Awards and how it pertains to our stakeholders (customers, employees, family, etc)

I want to assure our customers, old and new, of two things. We are here to meet your needs and we are here for the long term. We invest a lot of the profits at Bux-Mont Awards into new technologies and education to better bring you the latest products and services.

We often times can not offer the cheapest prices on many of our products, but we do offer greater service than our competition, we promise to fix our mistakes in a timely fashion (and yours a lot of times to), and we know what you need to achieve your goals.

A lot of times if you think you know what you want, or are just shopping on price alone (we are not the most expensive out there by any means either I will have you know) you may get what you are looking for, but you won't get what you need.

We have a solution for many types of recognition need. We look for ways to help you achieve your goals. Thats what we are here for; that is what we do.

Try us and see for yourself, you won't be dissapointed.

Bux-Mont Awards
is thankful for its many wonderful customers, and is looking forward to serving them in the coming year!

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