Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Awards & Recognition contest

1st Prize: $150.00 worth of awards & a consultation with recognition professionals to help you plan your awards ceremony, ensuring it's effectiveness and success!

5 runner up awards: Consultation with our recognition professionals and 10% off of your awards order.

Bux-Mont Awards is having a contest. Winners will come from the comments on this post. We want the most creative ways that our readers give traditional forms of recognition. We all know that trophies, plaques and awards can lose their meaning if given too loosely. I don't think this has to be and know that there are a few of you out there able to help the rest of the crown give a new spin on these traditional forms of recognition.

While Bux-Mont Awards specializes in a wide array of recognition services in addition to our plaques, certificates and trophies, we also know that the tried and tested are that way for a reason. They just work. Trophies and plaques can still be effective if you work with someone who knows whats out there and what needs to be done to make recognition work for you.

Post one comment on this post about a creative way for giving away traditional recognition items like plaques, trophies, or even ribbons. We will close comments for submission in two weeks. We will announce winners shortly after voting has concluded.
The winners will be chosen by you and us. Leave a comment voting for your favorite method, and that will be factored into our decision. Thanks for your comments!

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