Thursday, May 7, 2009

Awards & recognition is counter cyclical

With the economy starting to show signs of revival, this post may be late out of the gate, but I always say better late then never.

I think that awards and recognition services tend to be counter cyclical. With jobs being shed at a staggering rate (though starting to stabilise hopefully) everyone is worried about the future. We have lost a couple of customers jobs that we really miss, and our numbers are off pace from what we were expecting for 2009 because of it. However, with that said, we do have prospects in the pipeline and more and more people are inquiring about our services and visiting our website.

I should explain what I mean by the counter cyclical comment. I think that as jobs are shed, recognition of current employees and the achievements of those who stick around take on greater importance. If you are a HR manager and you are being faced with another round of layoffs, you understand that uncertainty is thick in the air throughout the office. Those who are staying are unsure they want to, and those who are leaving are disrupting producitivity whether they mean to or not.

This poses a tough task for an HR manager. What do you do to quell the fears of the employees who are staying? Well you implement a new recognition program or you revisit your current recognition program to utilize the newest recognition products and services available to you. Awards and recognition are like any other industry, we are in a constant state of change. There are constantly new products being introduced to the market, and there are always different theories and methods for recognition and utilizing recognition coming out. When you are focused on utilizing your human resources it becomes easy to forget about how important your recognition program is. We are here to help you find the most effective methods for recognizing employee achievements and getting the most out of your human capital. Our specialists can help your employees feel good about themselves and help them get to the next level through effectively utilizing awards and recognition.

It is hard enough sowing the seeds and weeding the garden, Bux-Mont Awards can help you nurture your good plants and make them bloom.

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