Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bux-Mont Awards going green

In an effort to keep you posted on how we try to help the environment, we at Bux-Mont Awards want to keep you updated on how we try to help leave our world a better place for the children.

In addition to reusing, we also look to reduce and recycle. We purchase our materials in full sheets and cut them down as we need. We don't just throw our scraps away. We reuse the pieces when we can and recycle what we can't use.

We know it's not much but we try to reduce our carbon footprint and realize that while just us doing it may not make much difference, but if everyone in our industry did it, we know that this is something that can last.

We want to be the change we want to see in this world. And Bux-Mont Awards wants you to help.

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