Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recognition means a lot of things to a lot of folks. It means a lot to us to. Recognition is the niche Bux-Mont Awards serve, and we think we do a decent job of it. We set out to offer Awards & Engraving services way back when, and that opened up the door to recognition for us. We soon learned as we started offering more recognition services that an opportunity existed.

Recognition means a lot:
Recognition is awards & trophies for a lot of things: fantasy sports, youth sports tournaments, year end youth sports awards, high school sports tournament and more.
Recognition can come in a corporate form: these include sales awards and employee of the month, years of service recognition and more.
Recognition is brand awareness: imprinted apparel for youth sports, imprinted shirts for small business, and imprinted promotional products fall under this category.

For the promotional products needs of our customers we have developed the site gives us the capability to better serve the needs of our promotional products customers. We realize that some awards recognition buyers are promotional products customers as well, but there is a lot of promotional products purchasers who are not, and we developed this site exclusively for them. More info on how can help you with finding the perfect promotional products will follow in upcoming posts!

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