Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for alot

Im thankful for friends & family and you of course. Without you our faithful recognition loyalists, we wouldn't be here, and I wouldn't be able to do any of the fun things that you enable me to do.

I am truly thankful that I have a job I love, a great boss, a healthy, happy family, and a great network of people. I am thankful that my brother is able to travel home tomorrow to be with us, and I am thankful for too many things for this blog post.

Without my friends and family I wouldn't be who I am, and if I wasn't who I am then you wouldn't like me for me, and we all know its easier to buy from someone you like so....

But I digress. I wanted to use this time to give thanks for my health, and my life. You all are important to me in a special way, and I hope that I can share some of what you give to me with others.

Thank you for realizing the importance of recognition and for choosing us to help you along that path. Here's to you this holiday and I hope it's a safe and happy one! Gobble gobble, don't eat too much.

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