Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recognition programs for companies big and small

My wife and I were talking the other day about an employee that recently gave her two weeks, and I was saying how they needed an employee recognition program to help them retain their employees. She responded that being in a small dental office, they would just keep giving the same person an employee of the month plaque over and over.

That got me thinking a lot about small business and what they do to recognize achievements and how it is a very underdeveloped part of our business. Some small businesses get it, but a lot don't realize that there is more to recognition incentive programs than employee of the month plaques.

Even if you were to recognize someone monthly, you can easily create a plaque or recognition piece that sits in a prominent location in the office highlighting the persons achievements.

Contests could be held between employees that would reward them for exemplary service or commitment to employee loyalty and this could be in the form of gift cards to their favorite retailer or even a lunch out with the boss.

Monetary bonuses are nice and greatly appreciated by employees when they receive them, but they are quickly forgotten. These bonuses coupled with an effective recognition program set up by your favorite recognition specialist will ensure your employees are in your court come game time.

Leave your thoughts in the comments and look for more posts about recognizing corporate achievements.

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